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What Can You Accomplish With HubSpot's Free CRM?

If your company is looking for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to manage your database, marketing, sales, or support activities, you may be considering HubSpot. HubSpot offers a variety of package options, which are discounted right now, but they also offer a free version of their CRM. Many times, free doesn’t amount to much in this world. But in this case, you can actually tackle a lot of your marketing, sales, and support needs all in one place, while eliminating third-party tools that have you cobbling together the information you need from multiple sources. We’re here to unpack just what exactly you can accomplish for your company using the free version of HubSpot’s CRM. And, equally important, we'll also tell you when the free version might not be enough and you are ready for a more robust, paid version. 

The Main Ways a CRM Helps Your Business

  • Customer data management
  • Sales reporting
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Customer segmentation
  • Scaling a sales process

What You Can Accomplish with HubSpot's Free CRM

There are 23 tools available with HubSpot's Free CRM. We’ve developed a graphic to show how your day might flow when using these tools. Everything in bold blue text is a function in the CRM. A work day using HubSpot's Free CRM

The Third-party Vendors/Tools You Can Replace with HubSpot’s Free CRM

  • Email/e-Newsletter vendor (MailChimp, Constant Contact)
  • Live Chat Software (WebChat, SnapEngage)
  • Excel spreadsheets with contact/company information, or sales data
  • Contact database
  • To-do lists in Outlook, note apps, or sticky notes on your desk
  • Sales software for support tickets (ZenDesk, SupportBee)
  • Meeting schedulers (DoodlePoll)

Some of your other favorite tools (Facebook Messenger, your email client, even your phone system can be integrated into the HubSpot CRM).


How Far Will the Free Tools Take You?

Here's a list view of everything that's available in the free CRM, along with any limitations in this version. 

HubSpot CRM Free Features and Limits Chart

How to Know When You Need More

You may be wondering how you know if the free version will cover what your company needs or not. Here's the bottom line: a paid version makes sense for a growing company who is ready to get creative and employ a full suite of Inbound Marketing tools for lead generation, lead conversion, and customer retention. 

If you need the following things, you'll want to go with a paid version of the CRM:

  • Creating a blog template that is Inbound Marketing focused and allows for integration with calls to action 
  • Social media integration with CRM including posting, scheduling, and metrics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Frequent creation of new website landing pages and calls-to-action for offers, campaigns, and events
  • A-B testing for comparison of marketing activities and targeting
  • Video hosting
  • Web traffic analytics
  • Having a wide variety of segmented contact lists for targeted communications

You gain access to the above features, and much more, in the paid Professional versions of the Marketing, Sales, and Services Hubs. 

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