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3 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Breaking a Sweat

When it comes to bringing in more organic traffic to your website (traffic from unpaid search results) the methods can seem pretty overwhelming. Or you may think that it’s going to cost you a lot of money to get the results you want. While there...

The Real Cost of Your Website Being Hacked

When your website Content Management System (CMS) is left unattended without maintenance or updates, it’s like leaving a 5-year-old alone for hours with a bucket of paint – it’s not going to be a pretty picture in the end. A CMS is the...

How to Quickly Spot Phishing Scams

The probability that you have received a phishing scam email at some point is very high. They are so prevalent that we almost expect to see them when we open our inbox now. Even though we know the major warning signs, scammers are getting...