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It's Time to Try HubSpot: Prices Reduced on Inbound Marketing Packages

gift boxIf you are like many companies out there, the software tools and apps you use to conduct your business are numerous, and disjointed. It’s easy, and common, for this to happen. One by one, you sign up for accounts with different services as they become a need for your business. An e-newsletter service here, a social media metrics app there, and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in yet another place. And then there’s your website. You know you should integrate it with your CRM but the Content Management System (CMS) of your website doesn’t play nicely with your CRM software.

At first, it may seem like you are saving money because you are only paying small amounts each month for each service. But when you add it all up, it may be more of your marketing and sales budget than you think. And, just as important, is the time and effort spent using each tool and jumping between them, copying information from one to the other, and compiling reporting data from each and taking it elsewhere.

HubSpot is a best-in-class inbound marketing solution. HubSpot offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software that allows your business to easily and effectively implement inbound marketing techniques into your strategy. You can also integrate your website with HubSpot and create landing pages, calls-to-action, and forms–all trackable and easily tied into marketing automation actions.

Save Money While Moving Your Inbound Marketing Game Forward

If you have looked into HubSpot solutions for your business previously and hesitated due to the cost, now is the time to give it a try. HubSpot has temporarily lowered the monthly cost on several of their packages in order to help support businesses during the economic challenges brought on by COVID-19.

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Additionally, did you know that HubSpot offers a robust and useful set of tools for free? The bottom line is that there are several great options for companies to accomplish their marketing goals and we will dive in here and compare the different options.

  • Marketing Hub – Starter: All the tools you need to capture leads and convert them to customers. Includes 1,000 contacts, currently discounted to $40/mo (regularly $50)
  • Sales Hub – Starter: This hub helps you stay on top of prospecting and close deals quickly. Includes two paid users, currently discounted to $40/mo (regularly $50)
  • Sales Hub – Professional: Includes five paid users, currently discounted to $400/mo (regularly $500)

Note: there is always a Service Hub available as well, which offers first-class customer support tools, but it is not currently discounted.

Popular Bundle Option in HubSpot is More Than Half Off the Regular Monthly Price

If your company could benefit from marketing, sales, and service package options then we recommend the Starter Growth Suite Bundle. When signing on for a 12-month commitment, HubSpot is currently discounting this bundle by 56%! It is now $50/month (regularly $112). See table for the full list of features available in this bundle.

There is also the Professional Growth Suite and Enterprise Growth Suite Bundles for those looking for packages beyond the Starter, and those bundles are discounted by 25%.

Free Tools and CRM

HubSpot’s free tools and CRM are nothing to sneeze at. They have added more to this option in recent months and companies can really get a lot of bang for their, erm, no bucks required. The tools are free and you can utilize them to segment your contacts and send targeted emails; manage companies and the tasks you have associated with ongoing deals; manage advertisements; implement live chat or conversational bots on your website; and implement customer tools such as ticketing and calling. See table for full list of the features available in this option.

Additionally, HubSpot is currently offering more functionality for free for 90 days when the tools are activated by the user. The tools include:

Meetings: This enables you to share a link with prospects or customers to let them see when you're free and book meetings with you.

Quotes & E-sign: This tool allows you to create and share proposals online in just a few clicks as well as obtain digital signatures for quotes and other documents.

1:1 Video Creation: You can create and share personalized videos with prospects directly from the HubSpot CRM, and track their performance.  

Comparison of HubSpot Packages and Bundles Currently Discounted

HS table packages2

Precision Pages is a HubSpot partner and will discuss your business needs with you and help you determine the right package or bundle for your goals.

Contact us to take advantage of the current discounts and get started.

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