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HubSpot's Free Version Now Offers Even More

In mid July, HubSpot announced that it expanded the offerings under the free version of their software. This is extremely valuable to those utilizing the free service as it allows them to accomplish quite a bit more with their marketing.

HubSpot Free CRM ToolsMarketing isn’t just about a single interaction–an email, an ad, or a live chat conversation. It’s about building an entire customer experience. With the new free tools it's the perfect time to start building your entire customer experience.

HubSpot's idea behind their free offerings is that they want to allow companies to try out inbound marketing techniques and realize success with them. It's also perfect for smaller companies who are just starting out and building their business. Saving  time and money, the free software allows them to grow faster. Then down the road not only will they be ready for more functionality, they will also be in more of a position to upgrade for expanded features.

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Following are the free marketing tools available in HubSpot: 

Ads (new)

Ads in HubSpot let you compare performance across networks, and see exactly which contacts interacted with your ads. It's your all-in-one place to manage all your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ad campaigns.

Email (new)

Now you can execute email marketing campaigns and use email marketing tools with an intuitive drag and drop editor, best in class deliverability, and analytics to help you optimize your lead nurturing.


A full suite of conversion tools, including forms and pop-ups, making it easy to convert visitors to your site into leads. Put your long-form content and offers behind forms and realize the effectiveness of this lead generation tool.


Conversations brings the power of live chat on your site into one unified inbox. Deploy helpful bots, convert leads, and report on your success. Live chat can be very effective in reaching your prospects at just the right time–when they are viewing your site and interested in your offerings. It also offers a conversational element that helps engage the prospect and let them feel heard. Read our post: Should Your Website Have a Chatbot? 

Learn More - Watch this one-minute video on the free marketing tools in HubSpot

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