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10 Blog Post Topic Ideas to Pull You Out of Your Content Slump

We know, we know, digital marketers can be like a broken record sometimes: “More content! Better content! Deeper content!” Or maybe you liken us to a Cookie Monster persona: “Need more bite-sized content! NOM NOM, yummy content!” We’ve seen that look in your eyes when we push you to commit to more content on your site. We know it seems overwhelming, time consuming, and that coming up with topics feels really tough sometimes. But topic ideas are hiding in plain sight. You just have to shift your perspective in order to identify them. Ready to put on your content-colored glasses?

Do I Really Need Fresh Content on My Website Regularly? (Spoiler Alert: YES)

First, let’s go oversearch engine dolphin a refresher of the why behind creating fresh content on your website. You are competing for attention in the vast sea of the internet. Search engines like Google need to be fed in order for them to serve you. Think of Google as a helpful dolphin in that big sea—smart, eager to help, and will guide visitors to you. But you have to keep giving fish to the Google dolphin in order for it to pay attention to you and do your bidding. The fish are all of the things you implement on your website to make it optimized for search: SEO, optimized content, reputable links, blog posts, etc. And once you have your website established and all of your pages set just the way you want them, a great way to keep adding fresh fish, ahem, content, for the dolphin to consume is to write regular blog posts. It not only keeps the dolphin happy and bringing more people to your boat/website, but also establishes your brand as a thought leader. Okay, enough with the analogy but c’mon, a Google dolphin would be a fun doodle on their page.

New content isn’t solely to feed the search engine animal, it also serves the important purpose of being helpful to your visitors. Good content answers your readers’ questions and addresses topics they care about (if you have taken the time to know and understand your buyer personas). This makes them happy, which makes Google happy because it sees your visitors are commenting on or sharing the content and it’s all about relevance and delivering the right content to those who are looking for it.

Lastly, consistent content helps to reveal your brand image to your prospects. Blog posts helps people get to know your company and the people behind it. If they like what they are reading, they will share it with their friends, family and/or coworkers. The more they hear from you and begin to value and trust your company, the easier their decision when it comes time to choose a company to help them with their challenges.

Topic Ideas Waiting for You

Here’s a list of ideas to get you brainstorming about topics for your post queue.

  1. Attending a conference? Write about your key takeaways from what you learn there. Share your opinion, popular or unpopular, on something you heard someone speak about, or an industry trend.
  2. Pen a ‘how-to’ post. You are the subject matter expert in your field. Share a step-by-step guide to something that will make your visitor’s lives easier. Add screenshots when applicable.
  3. Review something. Provide your review on a new product in your industry, or video the unboxing of a product.
  4. Share a comparison. Analyze two or more products, services, or anything really, and highlight the key differences between them, helping to inform the visitor about what would work for them. A table format works best for this type of post.
  5. Create an infographic. These highly digestible and shareable graphics are perfect for today’s visually-hungry and low attention span audience. Services such as Piktochart make creation of infographics fun and easy.
  6. Reveal your mistakes. You have learned a lot over the years, right? And you likely haven’t done everything right the first time. Be transparent and help others learn from your mistakes. Posts such as ‘Five mistakes to avoid when, . . .’ grab reader’s attention.
  7. Demonstrate a useful tip or trick to using your product. For instance, if you have a software product, have a developer share a time-saving hack that users may not have found in your software.
  8. Promote your podcast. If you were a guest speaker on a podcast, or if you have one of your own, turn that into a blog post. Write a teaser for the content, then link to the full recording.
  9. Invite a guest blogger. Is there someone in your industry that is just killing it with their blogging and thought leadership? Can you connect and cross-promote each other? Invite them to write a post for your website, and you will of course promote them through your subsequent social media posts, etc. You will enjoy more web traffic to your site due to their good reputation.
  10. Brag on one of your customers. Share a case study about a customer finding success with your product. Make it about them and focus on how they benefited and utilized your product in the best way. Link to them and promote them.


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